Nov 29 2022

Introduction to Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments (PTVA) for Industrial Control Systems/ Operating Technologies (ICS/OT)

In Industrial Plant and Industrial Control System (ICS) environment, the growing connectivity among industrial computing Systems (PLC, DCS, ESD, SCADA), the increasing extensibility of systems, and

May 27 2022

Why is Asset Discovery and Inventory play a Fundamental role when comes to OT/ICS Security Program?

Effective cybersecurity in the ICS/OT domain requires a solid base of asset information. In the ICS/OT field, security practitioners are accustomed to having sound information about assets because

May 24 2022

Frequently asked Question about Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security

· Why ICS Cyber Security Network stakeholders are adopting cyber security program? To understand why cyber security is essential for an ICS network, one must go through the transit

May 24 2022

PBOSecure team of Experts can assist with defining your current ICS security Posture and identify Gaps against widely accepted standards.

Today’s Industrial Control Systems (ICS) networks are comprised of a variety of different components from many vendors. This adds to the difficulties faced by the Cyber Security staff, as the

May 24 2022


Asset Risk Prioritization in Critical Infrastructure (CI): In CI, prioritizing asset risk is a component of Enterprise Asset Management whose objective is to categorize ICS/OT assets in two

May 24 2022

ICS Security Operator Centre - ISCO

The perception of ICS (Industrial Cyber Security) has changed in the recent past, and for a long time the installations were compartmentalized systems based on proprietary technologies without any