Nov 13 2023

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) in ICS Environment (Part 2)

Incident Response and Forensics in an ICS Environment Incident response and forensics play pivotal roles in an industrial control systems (ICS) environment, particularly

Nov 06 2023

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) in ICS Environment - Part 1

The Role of SIEM in ICS Security: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) plays a crucial role in maintaining the security integrity of Industria

Oct 30 2023

Segmentation and Conduiting in ICS Environment

Segmentation and conduiting are essential for protecting critical infrastructure from cyber threats. These two methodologies, when expertly integrated into an Industrial Control Systems (ICS) envir

Oct 23 2023

Brownfield Asset Discovery in ICS Environment

Brownfield asset discovery refers to the process of identifying and documenting existing assets in an industrial control system (ICS) environment. It's a crucial practice in the management of I

Oct 17 2023

Data Backup in ICS Environment

When it comes to data backup for Industrial Control Systems (ICS), it's crucial to make the right choice concerning backup solutions. The ideal solution should be secure, reliable, and efficien

Oct 09 2023

Risk Analysis in ICS Cyber Security Environment

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to their interconnectedness with IT systems and the internet. To better protect these systems, a comprehensive risk analysis is

Sep 20 2023

Data Loss Prevention in ICS Environment

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environments are highly vulnerable to data loss due to their interconnected nature and reliance on legacy systems. An effective Data Loss Prevention (DLP) plan is t

Sep 12 2023

Cyber Security Remote Access in ICS Environment

Secure remote access in an ICS (Industrial Control System) environment is a critical aspect of ensuring the security and reliability of these systems. ICS environments are used in industries such a

Sep 04 2023

Business recovery/ continuity plan in OT/ICS Environment

Implementing a business continuity plan in an ICS/OT environment can be challenging due to the complex nature of these systems. Unlike traditional IT systems, ICS/OT systems are designed to control

Aug 28 2023

Best practices in designing ICS Cyber Security Systems

As we move into an increasingly digital age, the importance of securing our manufacturing industry cannot be overstated. This sector, considered the heart of our economy, is becoming more and more

Aug 23 2023

Vulnerability assessment in OT/ICS Environment

In today's world where technology is the backbone of almost every operation, industrial control systems (ICS) play a crucial role in maintaining efficient manufacturing processes. However, as w

Aug 14 2023

Intrusion Detection System in OT/ICS Environment

Operational Technology (OT) or Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environments present a unique landscape. They bring with them specific characteristics that necessitate specialized IDS solution

Aug 09 2023

End Point Protection in OT/ICS Environment

Do you know that OT and ICS networks come with their own unique set of challenges when it comes to endpoint protection? That's right! These networks aren't your typical ones and require spe

Jun 12 2023

Why Application Whitelisting is Critical in Industrial Control System

Application whitelisting is one of the most critical components in an Industrial Control system. It allows only approved software to run on managed devices – blocking malware and other unappr

May 19 2023

How IEC62443 should be implemented to address all ICS/OT Cyber Security project Requirements?

IEC62443 standards (formerly ISA 99) offer a framework for creating an effective cybersecurity strategy in industrial communication networks and Industrial Control Systems/Operation Technology (ICS

May 02 2023

How Can Deception Technology Help for OT Environments

Deception technology can be an effective tool for enhancing the cybersecurity of OT (Operational Technology) environments. OT environments are used to control and monitor critical infrastructure sy

Apr 25 2023

ICS Device Patching

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are critical components in many industries, from manufacturing to energy and transportation. These systems are responsible for controlling and monitoring complex pr

Apr 14 2023

Apply Zero Trust information security framework to ICS/OT environment

What is Zero Trust? Zero Trust is an information security framework that is designed to improve cybersecurity by removing the concept of trust from an organization'

Apr 06 2023

Supply Chain cybersecurity Risk in Operational Technology

Introduction Supply chain cybersecurity risk in operational technology (OT) refers to the potential threats and vulnerabilities that can occur within the supply chain of a company's

Mar 29 2023

Network Topology Mapping and Visualization Service with ICS/OT Network Monitoring Solution

At PBOSecure, we understand the importance of network visibility for effective network management and security, particularly with the increasing number of connected OT devices. Our Network Topology

Mar 24 2023

Passive Monitoring and Alerts for OT/ICS network traffic

PBOSecure offers an ICS/OT Network Passive Traffic Monitoring Service that is part of a comprehensive ICS Monitoring Solution. The service provides real-time visibility into network traffic and beh

Mar 22 2023

ICS/OT Network Monitoring Solution: Asset Discovery

PBOSecure offers a complete range of solutions for organizations to discover and manage their ICS/OT assets through our ICS/OT network monitoring solution. Our asset discovery process involves seve

Mar 10 2023

Why ICS Network Should Be Monitored

The operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS) that power our utilities, transportation, water monitoring and distribution, oil and gas, and communications networks are critic

Feb 09 2023

Why HSE/OHSE Need to Stay in Control of Machine Hazards?

Hazards should be identified and eliminated at all stages of the machinery life cycle. This includes design, manufacture, commissioning, maintenance, repair, and testing. The best time to eliminate

Feb 09 2023

Why Comprehensive OT/ICS Asset Discovery, Vulnerabilities and Threat Detection is Required in Manufacturing Plants?

In order to prevent cyberattacks, organizations need to have comprehensive OT ICS asset discovery and vulnerability and threat detection. Without this information, it's impossible to conduct ef

Jan 23 2023

Why is Machine Safety Training Critical?

Machine Safety training helps workers understand the risks associated with heavy machinery. It also educates them about the various safeguards they can use. The training program must address a

Jan 16 2023

Why ICS Penetration Testing is Required to identify Network Weaknesses?

Industrial control systems (ICS) such DCS, PLC, SCADA used in manufacturing processes. These systems have a network infrastructure that connects them. They are also commonly con

Jan 11 2023

Accelerating ISA/IEC 62443 Compliance

There are growing cyber threats to Industrial Automation Control (ICS) systems. To protect these systems, compliance with ISA/IEC62443 is essential. This holistic standard offers an extensive appro

Nov 29 2022

Introduction to Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments (PTVA) for Industrial Control Systems/ Operating Technologies (ICS/OT)

In Industrial Plant and Industrial Control System (ICS) environment, the growing connectivity among industrial computing Systems (PLC, DCS, ESD, SCADA), the increasing extensibility of systems, and

May 27 2022

Why is Asset Discovery and Inventory play a Fundamental role when comes to OT/ICS Security Program?

Effective cybersecurity in the ICS/OT domain requires a solid base of asset information. In the ICS/OT field, security practitioners are accustomed to having sound information about assets because

May 24 2022

Frequently asked Question about Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security

· Why ICS Cyber Security Network stakeholders are adopting cyber security program? To understand why cyber security is essential for an ICS network, one must go through the transit

May 24 2022

PBOSecure team of Experts can assist with defining your current ICS security Posture and identify Gaps against widely accepted standards.

Today’s Industrial Control Systems (ICS) networks are comprised of a variety of different components from many vendors. This adds to the difficulties faced by the Cyber Security staff, as the

May 24 2022


Asset Risk Prioritization in Critical Infrastructure (CI): In CI, prioritizing asset risk is a component of Enterprise Asset Management whose objective is to categorize ICS/OT assets in two