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23 Jan 2023

Why is Machine Safety Training Critical?

Machine Safety training helps workers understand the risks associated with heavy machinery. It also educates them about the various safeguards they can use. The training program must address all hazards associated with the machine.

Machines are an integral part of many industries. However, they can also pose a great risk to workers. Getting injured by a machine can be tragic. Therefore, it is essential that all operators are properly trained.

Safety management systems can be used to ensure that statutory requirements are met and new machines are introduced with acceptable residual risks. They can also help to identify and manage other hazards.

In today's workplace, employee safety is a major concern. If you want to increase productivity and minimize worker exposure to hazards, it is important to train workers on machine guards and other safety measures. Occupational health and safety (OHSE/HSE) is of particular concern when it comes to machinery safety.

Many workers are not aware of the hazards associated with their work area. Training can help them to spot problems and alert authorities.

PBOSecure (trading as Cybersys Technologies Ltd in UK) has received UK OFQUAL Accreditations. Our Course Trainer Lalit Shaiwale (TÜV Rheinland) is Technical Trainer, and Technical Advisor. Working as a Technical Trainer and Technical Advisor for past 15 years, he has Successfully completed more than 60 Functional Safety study projects in region involving HAZOP, SIL Assessment, Safety Requirement Specification (SRS) and SIL verification. Currently delivering training for a very broad range of attendees, in open courses and in courses for single companies, ranging from a few attendees to more than 50 in multiple sessions. PBOSecure Training is attended by engineering and maintenance personnel as well as risk management and loss control experts. Participants receive a comprehensive workbook and certificate after successfully completing the Training.

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