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24 Mar 2023

Passive Monitoring and Alerts for OT/ICS network traffic

PBOSecure offers an ICS/OT Network Passive Traffic Monitoring Service that is part of a comprehensive ICS Monitoring Solution. The service provides real-time visibility into network traffic and behavior to identify potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

This monitoring solution covers all aspects of ICS/OT network traffic and analyzes it in real-time to flag any suspicious or malicious traffic patterns. With this information, customers can proactively respond to potential threats. The benefit of this solution is its passive monitoring approach, which does not interfere with network traffic or underlying systems. Therefore, it can be quickly deployed with minimal impact on network performance and disruption to operations.

Additionally, our ICS monitoring solution includes customizable alerts to respond to security incidents effectively. PBOSecure's security experts work closely with customers to develop tailored alerts that meet their specific needs.

By using PBOSecure's ICS/OT Network Passive Traffic Monitoring Service, you can gain real-time visibility into network traffic and behavior, detect potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and protect your critical infrastructure.

To learn more about our ICS Monitoring Solution and how it can help secure your infrastructure, please contact us today.

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