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19 May 2023

How IEC62443 should be implemented to address all ICS/OT Cyber Security project Requirements?

IEC62443 standards (formerly ISA 99) offer a framework for creating an effective cybersecurity strategy in industrial communication networks and Industrial Control Systems/Operation Technology (ICS/OT).

With increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats targeting industrial environments, IEC 62443 is an indispensable way to prevent downtime, business disruption and safety hazards. Yet this international standard can be difficult for those unfamiliar with its framework to navigate.

IEC 62443 standards offer comprehensive, multi-tiered guidance for managing cybersecurity risks in ICS/OT environments. They outline a #defense-in-depth model with zones and conduits, outline how to build a security management system (#CSMS), provide instructions for risk assessments in these environments, establish selection criteria for security products, programs and service providers and more. In addition to this core guidance being regularly supplemented with technical reports covering specific technological situations and solutions.

PBOSecure Subject Matter Experts team, will make IEC 62443 easier for you and assist your organization with implementing its recommendations.

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