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16 Jan 2023

Why ICS Penetration Testing is Required to identify Network Weaknesses?

Industrial control systems (ICS) such DCS, PLC, SCADA used in manufacturing processes. These systems have a network infrastructure that connects them. They are also commonly connected to other networks. An attacker who can get access to these devices can cause damage to the plant.

The security of these systems is a very real concern. In addition to monetary losses, organizations can suffer reputational and environmental damage.

ICS network Penetration testing is one way to assess the vulnerabilities in these systems. Tests can uncover misconfigurations, improper network segmentation, weak patching programs, and more. While these tests are not a replacement for a full-scale security assessment, they can help you identify and remediate weaknesses.

Before running any penetration tests, make sure you have a clear picture of how the network is configured. This information is important because it will allow you to identify and address the most critical threats.

One of the best ways to do this is by determining the scope of the attack. For example, do you only want to test a subset of critical systems? If you do, you need to make sure your tests are modelled around this approach.

After identifying the scope of the attack, run down a list of relevant attack scenarios. You can use your business model to help you determine which scenarios are applicable.

It’s important to use a qualified firm for your penetration testing needs. You need a firm that understands your manufacturing process, your ICS Network and can work with you throughout the process.

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