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27 May 2022

Why is Asset Discovery and Inventory play a Fundamental role when comes to OT/ICS Security Program?

Effective cybersecurity in the ICS/OT domain requires a solid base of asset information. In the ICS/OT field, security practitioners are accustomed to having sound information about assets because of the many tools available to collect this information. These data serve as the basis of security. Some examples are given below:

· It is not possible to manage fixes without a complete software inventory. The inventory provides the basis for identifying the patches.
· Secure configurations are essential for security, but maintaining the secure configuration requires accurate, thorough, and timely information on asset stocks.
· Ensuring robust recovery processes requires visibility of each device's backup state to make sure it is current and accurate.

Without proper asset inventory management, asset owners in ICS/OT industry, don’t know the true security status of their environment and are unable to conduct effective security management at scale.
The solid inventory of assets gives you the map on which to build your journey.

PBOSecure team of experts can plan a comprehensive security program when performing your asset inventory.

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