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09 Feb 2023

Why Comprehensive OT/ICS Asset Discovery, Vulnerabilities and Threat Detection is Required in Manufacturing Plants?

In order to prevent cyberattacks, organizations need to have comprehensive OT ICS asset discovery and vulnerability and threat detection. Without this information, it's impossible to conduct effective security management at scale.

OT/ICS asset discovery and vulnerabilities and threat detection are essential to the safety of industrial facilities. Unlike IT networks, OT networks often have smaller attack surfaces and a higher cost of failure. As a result, they are difficult for security operations to protect.

Industrial control systems (ICS) have become a target for sophisticated hackers. Attackers can leverage unsecured components or malicious third-party software to compromise ICS. This can lead to real-world harm.

OT ICS asset discovery and vulnerability and Threat detection require continuous monitoring. Unless you have the ability to collect and process data in real time, it's difficult to detect threats.

ICS/OT inventories are only going to continue to grow, due to the mobile workforce and public-facing endpoints. To address this, cybersecurity experts say that a proactive approach is necessary to thwart attacks on ICS.

Security and plant operations teams must work together to secure their networks. They must also ensure the OT environment is up to date. With an ICS/OT asset inventory, they can quickly respond to security incidents.

As OT devices become increasingly interconnected, ICS/OT is becoming a security blind spot. Cybersecurity experts fear that attackers will gain access to OT assets. If this isn't prevented, the result could be serious damage to the ICS/OT environment.

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