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24 May 2022

Frequently asked Question about Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security

· Why ICS Cyber Security Network stakeholders are adopting cyber security program?

To understand why cyber security is essential for an ICS network, one must go through the transition took place from Industrial Revolutions 1 (IR1) to IR4, where there have been drastic changes. Transition from relay driven industrial automation to a very sophisticated control automation, where it connects different domain instruments and systems to communicate with each other and execute program to run Industrial plants with high availability, high reliability and high safety.

Digitization of National Critical Infrastructure (NCI) however, brought major challenges such as increased risk of being compromised to cyber attacks. This is due to critical infrastructure data are being exposed to other networks and people outside production network. Securing NCI and building security policies and procedures to safely operate NCI became increasingly center of attention due to adopting new digitization concepts in this new era.

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