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With our headquarters based in UAE and branch offices in the UK (Trading as CYBERSYS TECHNOLOGIES) and Australia, the company was founded in 2011 with belief that we can provide the best business solutions when it comes to security and management needs of Industrial Control Systems. PBOSECURE is a dynamic and progressive IT Professional Services (PS) organization, specializing in Industrial Control System (ICS) and Operation Technology (OT) Cyber Security. Our strengths lie in offering consistently high-class IT Security Professional Services, as well as delivering highly specialized ICS security training for large, medium, and small-sized enterprises across the Middle East region. Our goal and mission are to provide cutting-edge information security services, solutions, and education. Our company objective is to provide quality services delivered on time and within budget.

We work with our Global Partners to leverage their extensive technology portfolios on ICS Cyber Security to ensure the delivery of world-class solutions that deliver real and tangible business benefits to clients across all relevant markets and sectors with a focus on critical infrastructure industry such as Oil & Gas, Utility, Water, Transport, Pharma, Chemical, Aviation, etc.

PBOSECURE has immense experience in orchestrating Cyber Security contours, against the ever-increasing cyber threat spectrum. Our industrial security services will assist you in effectively evaluating, implementing, and maintaining ICS security in operations. The security landscape is constantly changing, so you need a partner to assist you in managing the ever-changing risk.

This requires a partner who can be trusted and whose approach is transparent. Industrial Control System assets require a defense-in-depth approach to deal with internal and external security threats. A deep defense security architecture is based on the idea that any protective point can be defeated. This approach uses physical, electronic, and procedural defenses and applies appropriate controls that take into consideration different types of risks.

We can assist you in managing potential threats and building a safer industrial control system that meets your needs. We have unique capabilities and expertise to address industrial Cybersecurity requirements, reduce risks and enable the availability of control systems.

Company Overview



“To become a cutting-edge information security services provider that is consistently crafting and delivering the highest quality and resilient cybersecurity solutions for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) clients, resulting in superior outcomes that delight them.”



“To prevent attacks and data loss for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) clients that include but not limited to Mitigation of attacks, network uptime, and data loss prevention as well as to educate and train their professionals through our Hands-on learning Programs.”