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The perception of ICS (Industrial Cyber Security) has changed in the recent past, and for a long time the installations were compartmentalized systems based on proprietary technologies without any networking with third-party systems. Networking with the Internet or existing office communication networks was not taken into account or could not be realized due to technological barriers. Because of the increased use of software and protocols from the customary IT environments as well as the increasing level of networking and sharing of resources, ICSs are exposed to the same threats as conventional IT infrastructures. Also over the last few years, cyber-attacks on the ICS have dramatically increased, signalling a need for advanced industrial control systems security.

We developed mitigation strategies to create a Defense-in-Depth security program for control system environments.

We provide industrial security and solutions with an all-encompassing approach beyond network security. We ensure the integrity and uptime of your complex automation solutions.

Our industrial security services will assist you in effectively evaluating, implementing and maintaining ICS security in operations. The security landscape is constantly changing, so you need a partner to assist you in managing the ever-changing risk.

This requires a partner who can be trusted and whose approach is transparent.

Industrial Control System assets require a defence-in-depth approach to deal with internal and external security threats. A deep defence security architecture is based on the idea that any protective point can be defeated. This approach uses physical, electronic and procedural defences and applies appropriate controls that take into consideration different types of risks.

We can assist you in managing potential threats and building a safer industrial control system that meets your needs. We have unique capabilities and expertise to address industrial Cyber security requirements, reduce risks and enable the availability of control systems.

Company Overview



“Bringing Excellence in our Service Delivery” has continuously been our company vision.



Our mission is to be the leading engineering company in the region in our fields of operation through quality of products and services to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our Mission is supported by:

  • The strength of our partners viz the companies we represent
  • Unique knowledge in our field supported by dedicated team of professionals
  • Quality Policy