The Importance Of Industrial Control System (ICS) Security Assurance

The perception of ICS (Industrial Cyber Security) has changed in the recent past, and for a long time the installations were compartmentalized systems based on proprietary technologies without any networking with third-party systems. Networking with the Internet or existing office communication networks was not taken into account or could not be realized due to technological barriers. Because of the increased use of software and protocols from the customary IT environments as well as the increasing level of networking and sharing of resources, ICSs are exposed to the same threats as conventional IT infrastructures.


Why Choose Us As Your Partner

Our core competencies in ICS Security are based on deep technical experience gained from industry and project work, covering end-to-end solutions, starting with planning, that is covering Risk Assessment and Management, into implementation that is covering Network Perimeter Security, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Device Security, Incident Response and Cloud Security. We grow up in ICS environment, exposed in depth in ICS operations & maintenance, feeling the sense of being the part of ICS environment itself.

With overall 40 years of Experience in ICS industry, we thoroughly understand challenges and all Critical aspects of such Environment, instead of just being an IT security consultant that suddenly decide to work in ICS environment without in-depth understanding of consequences caused as result of their activities on ICS network.

We first understand and then device tailored solutions to customer needs to cover the whole critical aspect in the ICS environment, in order to ensure business continuity and Resilience operations.