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24 May 2022

PBOSecure team of Experts can assist with defining your current ICS security Posture and identify Gaps against widely accepted standards.

Today’s Industrial Control Systems (ICS) networks are comprised of a variety of different components from many vendors. This adds to the difficulties faced by the Cyber Security staff, as they must familiarize themselves with specific security concerns created by each component, and remain current as new security flaws are discovered. Even the most conscientious vendors do not always release patches for a given vulnerability before tools for its exploitation become widely available. In some cases, legacy systems (Such as DCS, PLC, SCADA) and networks exist which are not being supported or updated.
Cyber Security Team needs a structured technical assessment of problem areas relating to network security, covering all of the computer hardware platforms, operating system technology, and communication protocols in use on their networks. 

ICS Audit is one of the most critical components in an ongoing information security program. Such Audit reveals the current Security Posture and identifies Gaps in accordance with Standards and Guidelines.

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