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22 Mar 2023

ICS/OT Network Monitoring Solution: Asset Discovery

PBOSecure offers a complete range of solutions for organizations to discover and manage their ICS/OT assets through our ICS/OT network monitoring solution. Our asset discovery process involves several steps, including network scanning, passive network packet capture, active scanning, protocol analysis, configuration analysis, and continuous monitoring.

We utilize a powerful network scanner tool to scan the entire IP address range in the ICS/OT environment, along with passive network packet capture to gather an accurate representation of network traffic. Our active scanning approach involves sending probes to networked devices to retrieve detailed information such as configurations, software versions, and vulnerabilities. We also use protocol analysis and configuration analysis to identify devices, protocols used in the ICS/OT environment, and extract IP and MAC address pairings through ARP tables. Our ICS/OT network monitoring solution provides continuous monitoring to detect any new devices or network changes, which are then cataloged to help improve network security, ensure compliance, and optimize network performance.

At PBOSecure, we recognize the importance of asset discovery in ICS/OT environments and strive to deliver comprehensive and reliable solutions that cater to our clients' specific needs and requirements.

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