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02 May 2023

How Can Deception Technology Help for OT Environments

Deception technology can be an effective tool for enhancing the cybersecurity of OT (Operational Technology) environments. OT environments are used to control and monitor critical infrastructure systems, such as power plants, manufacturing plants, and transportation systems. These systems are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals and other threat actors, which can lead to serious consequences if the systems are compromised.

Deception technology works by creating fake assets, such as servers or network devices, that are designed to look like real assets. These fake assets are scattered throughout the OT environment and are monitored for any suspicious activity. If an attacker tries to interact with a fake asset, an alert is triggered, and security personnel can investigate the incident.

Here are some ways deception technology can help for OT environments:

Early Detection: Deception technology can provide early detection of cyber threats before they can cause significant damage. Since attackers are likely to interact with fake assets first, they can be caught in the act and prevented from compromising real assets.

Improved Response Times: Deception technology can help reduce response times to cyber threats. Since alerts are triggered as soon as an attacker interacts with a fake asset, security personnel can quickly investigate and respond to the threat.

Reduced False Positives: Deception technology can reduce the number of false positives generated by other security tools. By providing a more targeted approach to threat detection, deception technology can help reduce the number of false alerts, which can save time and resources.

Enhanced Security Posture: Deception technology can help improve the overall security posture of an OT environment. By creating a more dynamic and unpredictable security environment, deception technology can make it more difficult for attackers to penetrate the network.

Overall, deception technology can be an effective tool for improving the cybersecurity of OT environments. By providing early detection, improved response times, and reduced false positives, deception technology can help enhance the security posture of critical infrastructure systems.






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