A Solution With Proven Track Record


A Solution With Proven Track Record

One suggested Segmentation Solution with proven track record is to deploy Fortinet along with Nozomi systems. The robust Fortigate series designed for harsh ICS environment, enables the implementation of a functional and physical segmentation strategy for ICS industrial environments.

FortiGate also combines powerful next-generation firewall functionality and robust two-factor authentication with antivirus, intrusion prevention, URL filtering and application control.

FortiGate's internal segmentation firewall deployment mode granular security policies, reinforce ICS zones and conduits according to criteria such as user identity, application, location and device type to lock down zones and ensure only legitimate traffic is permitted laterally between zones. PBOSecure experts are happy to offer guidance.

Nozomi Networks Guardian is fully integrated with FortiGate. They provide a comprehensive security solution for ICS environments.

This recommended solution combines Nozomi Networks' Guardian - a next-generation cybersecurity and operational visibility solution recognized for its thorough understanding of ICS networks. Guardian ICS passive monitoring capabilities define the behaviour of industrial devices while detecting critical abnormalities and states within the ICS network. It works closely with FortiGate to provide a safe and responsive gateway between SCI and computer networks.

The Fortinet-Nozomi solution optimizes productivity and continuity of operations in industries that depend on ICS networks while minimizing system downtimes and limiting data loss. Nozomi Guardian provides advanced visibility, surveillance, alerting, reporting, troubleshooting and forensic analysis. As soon as a is anomality detected, Guardian sends an alarm to system, security and network personnel. Guardian is also able to automatically change the right policy in FortiGate to stop suspicious traffic.

Overall, the Fortinet-Nozomi solution offers advanced detection of SCI security issues by proactively correcting and containing threats in industrial environments.

By combining technologies such as those used by Fortinet and Nozomi Networks, PBOsecure can assist customers in impl ementing ICS segmentation, identify and inventory network assets, identify protocols used, baseline data flows, identify vulnerabilities, identify malicious or unwanted network traffic, and implement a custom segmentation strategy specific to their environment.

Let us help you reduce risk to your critical equipment with minimal impact to operations.