Use Cases


Used Cases

Used Case 1 - Windows 7 Vulnerability

Since windows 7 and Windows server 2008R2 became obsolete recently, the organization wanted to upgrade the workstation operating system to Windows 10 OS and Windows server 2019 in all oil and gas facilities owned by the organization.

This information was urgently required by the responsible operation to discuss this issue with senior management during the annual budget meetings.

The asset discovery and inventory management solution deployed by PBOSecure provided immediate visibility to the IT and service team through the list of servers and workstations which was then and reported for exact quantity of OS licenses to be purchased.

Used Case 2 – Windows 10 Vulnerability

Vulnerability scanning in ICS environment on servers and workstations may not cover the entire Servers and Workstations assets. Having a comprehensive asset inventories have assisted PBOSecure to identify a particular workstation where Windows 10 machine with particular version was having critical vulnerability that could have led to network to be compromised.

Such reliable asset Inventory facilitated audit team to swiftly identify vulnerabilities and respond by replacing OS with new version.

Used Case 3 – SCADA RTU

During remote troubleshooting and upgradation of device software and in case of SCADA system, RTU's connect different types of ring topology and servers/workstations in star topology. While working on ring topology reliable and UpToDate inventory list provided PBOSecure team and plant maintenance bird-eye view to monitor the whole network and system in a single GUI page with IP address and port details etc. This tremendously save time and team effort to achieve troubleshooting and upgradation tasks.

Used Case 4 – RTU Well-head Integration

Due to its complexity and plant age, ICS network are generally large and extended over the years, and it connects both legacy and new components/assets. There was a site where around 230 oil wells production were being monitored and customer required to increase its production capacity to 430 wells. To integrate new RTUs with main ICS Network, Asset inventory helped team tremendously to provide information such as availability check on details of current IP's being utilized from the details of Master station, Industrial protocols being used, IP scheme, ports numbers being used, type of connection to the RTU and its speed etc. this in turn reduce integration time and boost production in a short period of time.